About Matt

Matt Trowbridge is a New Jersey songwriter and a middle school English teacher.

Radio Soap Star Opera was released via free download in October 2009.

Wheels EP was released in August 2011.

Both recordings are available for download through the Downloads page.

Matt Trowbridge live shows and studio sessions have included the following musicians:

  • Joe Russo – drums, glockenspiel, percussion, guitars, polychord, vocals, and producing
  • Stuart Bogie – saxophones, clarinet, jaw harp, bass harmonica, and producing
  • Andrew Southern – bass, acoustic guitar, and vocals
  • Jon Shaw – guitars, keys, trumpet, and vocals
  • Ryan Thornton – drums, percussion, and casio sk-5
  • Don Piper – lap steel, acoustic guitar, vocals, and mixing
  • Kevin Kendrick – vibraphone and guitar
  • Ben Trokan – guitar and keys
  • Sean Bones – guitar
  • Colin Stetson – saxophones
  • Dave Dreiwitz – bass
  • Nick Movshon – bass
  • Marco Benevento – organ
  • Dawn Landes – vocals and harmonica
  • Lauren Balthrop – vocals



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