Ten Years

By: MT

Jun 13 2018

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All recordings from 2008-2018 fully remastered and now available in one big album!  Available on all streaming platforms (links below) and for purchase/download here.

Ten Years is a celebration of my life since 2008, by way of all my recordings. Most of this has only been available on my bandcamp page until now. All songs were produced by myself and Joe Russo, recorded by Joe or Don Piper, all songs mixed by Don, and mastered/remastered by Garrett Haines. Matt sings and plays keys; additional musicians are noted below. Artwork by Suzanne Ives Cunningham.

Treatment (2018 ep)
1. Orange Royal Days
2. Not Bad
3. What You Don’t Get
on Franny and Zooey (2015 ep)
4. The Muck
5. Suzanne
6. How We Stand
7. Just Another Song
8. Fat Lady
Spirit Camp (2014 unreleased)
9. Shared Space
Wheels (2013 ep)
10. Wheels
11. Dawn of the Something
12. Nostalgia
13. Live Forever
Radio Soap Star Opera (2009 full length)
14. Radio Perfecto
15. Funnyman, Sad Clown
16. Easter Sunday
17. It’s Easy
18. Jimmy and the Biker Dudes
19. The Bones
20. White Pine
21. Make It Up To You
22. Walls
23. Radio Soap Star Opera

#1-3: Joe Russo, Andrew Southern, Robbie Mangano, Don Piper, Stuart Bogie
#4-7: Joe Russo, Jon Shaw, Dan Iead, Scott Metzger
#9: Joe Russo, Chris Harford, Steph Sanders, Jon Shaw, Andrew Southern
#10-13: Joe Russo, Ryan Thornton, Andrew Southern, Jon Shaw, Dawn Landes, Lauren Balthrop
#14-23: Joe Russo, Andrew Southern, Jon Shaw, Stuart Bogie, Colin Stetson, Nick Movshon, Kevin Kendrick, Don Piper, Sean Bones, Dave Dreiwitz

Streaming site links: SpotifyiTunesYouTubeAmazon Music.

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